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Change Your Life

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$500/1 SESSION

Initial Consult or Ad Hoc

This initial fee will be deducted from your 6 session plan if you continue with my services. Or for ad-hoc guidance, I offer this hourly rate.

Schedule a Session (45 minutes)

$3,000/6 SESSIONS

Land Your Dream Career

The methodology I recommend is 6 individualized sessions tailored to your own specific values, strengths and weaknesses:

(1) High level vision (job/life)

(2) assessment interview (product sense, analytical mocks)

(3-5) mock interviews 

(6) final prep/comp negotiation.

Schedule a Session (45 minutes)

$1,500/3 SESSIONS 

Refresher Sessions for Existing Clients

This service is a favorite among many of my returning clients, as it is often helpful to jump on a call for a gut-check or consult for something happening professionally in real time.  My job here is to be a sounding board and help you navigate specific instances that may arise.  This can also be used as a refresh on skills learned from previous sessions.

Schedule a Session (45 minutes)

Negotiation - I don’t negotiate on rates, but for under-represented PMs who have a demonstrated need, I will consider a sliding scale.

But Coaching is Pricey...

There is no one path to PM and indeed you can get there via many routes. Considering the first year return on value and efficacy of personalized coaching, I would argue that it is the highest bang-for-the-buck

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