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First Call With My Son - Matthew’s True Pixel Story

Matthew, who was born deaf, relied on video chat and lip-reading to communicate with his son Harry. When he got his Google Pixel, he tried out Live Caption* and for the first time ever, he could do something that people all over the world do every day...

Google-A Coda Story

As a CODA, or “child of deaf adults,” Tony has always straddled two worlds. And now that he hasn’t been able to see his parents in over a year, staying close is more important, but also more difficult, than ever. But with the help of assistive...

Our All New Talkback Screen Reader

Our latest version of TalkBack, Android’s screen reader, includes features developed in collaboration with the blind and low-vision community.

Dani's Twins Short Documentary

CREDIT: Associate Producer.
Passion project promoting this beautiful documentary championing normalization of people living with disabilities. The award-winning team behind DANI’S TWINS, a new short film documenting the rare and risky twin pregnancy of a quadriplegic woman, premiered at Mountainfilm Festival in May 2022.  Mountainfilm called Dani's Twins a short film "expected to make waves this year."

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