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I am a full time PM leader with current perspective on interviewing and hiring. I’m not looking to upsell you; rather my priority is to help you attain your specific goals as quickly as possible. My coaching style is tailored to your strengths and weaknesses and is specifically designed to maximize your time and minimize your effort.​ I take on no more than 1-2 clients at a time, and I specialize in helping people transition into product management from other disciplines.

15 years experience at Google and Meta
500+ lifetime interviews
Hired and built product and engineering teams (sometimes from scratch)
Transitioned to PM from technical program management
Transitioned to Meta from Google


10+ years of experience as Product Manager at Google across consumer, enterprise, hardware and software used by billions of people. Launches featured prominently in Sundar Pichai’s IO Keynotes, the annual Founder’s Letter, Android 10 Highlights. 

Inclusion, accessibility, privacy, and internationalization champion. Product launches helped  Android leap-frog ahead of iOS in support for Deaf and HH people. Contributions highlighted in this book and 2021 Assistive Technology Trends.

Meta, Menlo Park, CA

2021 - Present

Product Manager, Privacy 2021 - Present

  • Messaging Privacy


Google, Mountain View, CA

2007 - 2021

Product Manager, Accessibility 2017 - Present

  • Talk Back 2021 (Screen reader (System UI) for the blind): Shipped most significant release in product’s 12 year history. Added 8 features: customizable Menus/Reading Controls/Multi-finger Gestures, new Tutorial/Settings/Voice Commands/Feature Onboarding. Negotiated/led all aspects of Samsung co-development combined PM/UX/Eng team of 40+ to land One TalkBack. All 1P applications are required to be TalkBack-compatible. 

  • Live Caption (Differentiated Android as only OS with system-wide captions): Created vision and shipped in partnership  with research, creative and engineering teams Google-wide. Designed a new API for developers with privacy-preserving container with on-device automatic speech recognition models. Drove go-to-market strategy with Samsung, LG and OnePlus, resulting in 60%+ of the Android market. 

  • Live Transcribe (Google’s most adopted accessibility product): Took research prototype to productization to scale across  xxM 1DAU & 80+ languages. Led negotiations for unlimited API compute quota making it free for anyone. Established partnership with Gallaudet University (Deaf University) to help develop and test early prototypes. Press: Wired | Fortune | Fast Company | CNET | The Verge | Engadget | Android Authority| BBC |Cheddar.

  • Sound Amplifier (Amplifies sound for those without hearing aids): Drove effort across 4 teams (Android Accessibility, Android Audio Framework, Google Taipei, RMI). Created the vision for two 2018 i/o talks, led the team, scripting the talks and demos. Nearly 1.7M installs 3 weeks from launch, accolades from influential international media: Wired | Fortune | Fast Company | CNET | The Verge | Engadget | Android Authority.

Product Manager, Google Meet Hardware 2015 - 2017

  • Hardware - Conference Room Suite: Led and executed build/buy/acquire strategy to bootstrap new low cost, high fidelity video conference suite that powers xx,000 Google conference rooms & xx,000 customers. Saved $x.xM in Google support costs 1st year in production.

  • Meeting Room Tablet: Envisioned and drove hardware, industrial design, and software from prototype to final go-to-market; created partnership with Mimo Monitors to design &  manufacture. Landed improved user experience with guest access, HDMI capability, refreshed material interface, internationalization (40+ languages) & accessibility. 

  • Multipurpose Speaker-Mic: World's most acoustically-advanced, low-cost, multiple purpose speaker-microphone. Built business and technical case, then drove vision and funding effort by quantifying the ROI to bring the prototype into mass production resulting in $xxM funding from 2 Google VPs. Managed $mm Limes Audio acquisition (25 audio/mechanical engineers) for initial build. Then led contract negotiations to mass production with manufacturer.

Product Manager, Privacy & Internationalization 2012 - 2015

  • Program Management: Built a team of 5 technical program managers supporting product development for Search, Google[x], People Search/social-affinity machine learning projects. Partnered with Director and VP-level management to create, track and drive OKRs for an org of 200+. Created automated evaluations program leveraging human raters.

  • Google News Next Billion: Launched 9 new language editions of Google News to 300M users in 6 months resulting in a 100-475% year-over-year increase in adoption. Created a global team of 100+ people to coordinate sourcing, internationalization, news classification, evaluation and PR/comms/ as well as publishing partnership approval.

  • Google Search & Gmail Myanmar: Launched Gmail in Burmese on iOS, Android and Web. Launched and Burmese-keyboard that established Google’s local presence. Identified and managed volunteer engineering team to deliver unique font detection and 1st ever Burmese virtual keyboard. Sourced i18n content expertise and translator through external partnerships with Asia Foundation, then scaled to formal vendor management

  • Privacy Google[x]: Bootstrapped privacy roadmap for Google’s Self-Driving Car, now Waymo, and became the playbook for Google-wide. Created data protection/retention practices, user data and sensor logs protection as well as industrial design privacy. Led UXR program leading to first-of-its-kind research: “Vehicle Based Sensing and Recording.” 

Senior Sales Engineer, Google Apps for Business 2007 - 2012

  • One of Google’s first sales engineers, partnered with product/eng to ensure customer needs were reflected in the roadmap while helping sales reps attain quota. Sales Engineer of the Year 2011, Director’s Award 2009.

  • Proposed, architected, and implemented technical prototyping and wins for Google Cloud’s largest, most technically complex and competitive deals: Costco, Wyoming, Utah (1st state adopter), Activision and Northrop Grumman. 



Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Political Science, George Washington University, Washington, D.C.


Languages: English, Spanish (limited working proficiency), French (elementary proficiency)

Programming: SAS, HTML, SQL, Focus 4gl, Vi

Program Management: Visio, MS Project, Jira, Asana, Figma, Agile Scrum Master Training, Stanford Advanced Project Management, Stewart Diamond Advanced Negotiations, Miller Heiman, Solution Selling and Revenue Storm


5 Patents: Automatically captioning audible parts of content on a computing device, Dynamics processing effect, Augmented reality display for identifying vehicles to preserve user privacy, Location-based privacy patent, Unique signaling for autonomous vehicles to preserve user privacy


5-time Google IO keynote presenter: What’s new in Android Accessibility, Accessible Audio: Android Hearing Aid Support and the Audio Framework  [2019], What's new in Android Accessibility and Sound Amplifier and the new Dynamics Processing Effect [2018]


Publications: Attitudes Toward Vehicle-Based Sensing International Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing, Burmese - Challenges & Lessons Learned from an Early Adopter UNICODE Conference, San Jose, CA

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